Dogs: how do they see the world?

Dogs are man's best friend. It is often said that dogs have a different vision than humans. While some people claim that dogs have black and white vision, scientists claim that these animals can distinguish certain colors. Find out more about the issue in this article.

The world view of dogs

It's time to clear your head of the idea that dogs see the world in black and white. It is quite true that the visual capacity of our dear four-legged friends is much more limited than ours. However, this limitation does not prevent them from distinguishing colors. Or at least some colors. A dog's eye can only distinguish a few colors, namely blue-violet and green-yellow. Thus, dogs have a monochromatic vision which is explained by the anatomy of the eye. The eye is made up of visual receptors that allow them to capture the different colors. This organ is also made up of cones without which the receptors will not be able to fulfill their role. The difference in eye anatomy between a human and a dog is the number of cones. While dogs have only one, humans have three.

The True Vision of a Dog

As explained earlier, the way we perceive is not the same as a dog. The latter's vision is limited to a few colors. This means that dogs are by nature myopic. Their limited vision prevents them from judging distance well. On the other hand, they are much more aware of movement than humans. They have a phenomenal ability to record images. While they can record 50 images per second, humans can only record about 20. So this is an ability that is unique and useful to them. This is actually normal, because they are predators. They also have a vast field of vision far superior to that of humans. Their vision extends over 240° against that of a human which extends only over 180°.

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