Bird Photography

CB... Come Birding!

One of the highlights of Casa Botania is to discover some of the 226 bird species and some of the most colourful and fast hummingbirds, from the tiny Emeralds to the Hermits or from the Hawk-Eagles to the Tanagers, in our garden and two-hectare forest trails with the expert eye of your bird guide Pepe. For more bird pictures of our area, please click here.

Book a tour with him or one of his collegues for half day or full day and you will go to the best places for birding around in the area of the southern higlands (and lowlands) of Costa Rica. Experience the thrill of watching exclusive southern birds in known eBird places like: San Miguel patch, Cerro Paraguas, the Wilson Botanical Gardens, Las Tablas, La Amistad International Park and more.