What are the main reasons for hating a cat?

In Europe in general and in France in particular, many people own cats and consider them a member of the family. Despite this affection from humans, cats don't give a damn. Thus, there is plenty to hate about a cat. Here is an article for you that outlines the main causes for hating a cat.

The cat doesn't like its owner

Some people think their cats have affection for them, which is not the case. In reality, cats see their master as a true provider of resources rather than a provider of security. They already see themselves as strong enough to ensure their own safety. Unlike dogs, who show a certain amount of joy when they find their owners, cats show much more interest in strangers than in their owners. Sometimes they start to meow incessantly and this is very touching. This causes some people to leave their homes, and it gives these animals joy because they feel free and in control at home.

The cat is a real killer

To end a rat's life, the cat is a professional. They are known as a powerful killer and will not hesitate to rip you apart if they are sufficiently robust and threatened. They have traits typically similar to an African lion with domineering, neurotic and impulsive tendencies. Lions are sometimes harmless and other times attack without reason. The same is true for cats. They are sometimes adorable and affectionate and at the same time can quickly change their mood at any time. Generally, the cat does not offer a gift. This is noticeable when it brings home its prey.

The cat easily transmits diseases

The cat is known to be a potential vector for a number of diseases. Among these diseases is toxoplasmosis. This disease is a true infection that is caused by a parasite capable of causing fever, rash, headache and generalized fatigue. Apart from this disease, there are also tularemia, cat's claws, scabies, etc. These are all dangerous diseases for people with fragile bodies and especially for pregnant women. Finally, it should be noted that cats are a frequent cause of allergy for many people. This allergy is most often caused by a protein present in their urine, saliva or aquamens.