Animals: who sleeps more and who sleeps less?

According to studies, a human being spends much more time sleeping. They spend about a third of their lives sleeping. This may sound like a lot, but he is not the holder of the prize for the biggest sleeper in the world, especially the animal world. Find out in this article which animals sleep the most and which sleep the least.

Animals, which are the biggest sleepers on the planet?

All animals on the planet need rest at some point. Some need to sleep more while others devote only a little time to sleep. Among these animals that sleep a lot, we distinguish in the first place the koala. This animal can sleep up to 22 hours a day. The rest of the time it spends eating eucalyptus leaves, a diet that is more than enough for its metabolism. But this diet does not provide enough energy and requires more time for digestion. The bat is the nocturnal animal. It spends the whole day sleeping and only opens its eyes for four short hours at night. So we can say that in 24 hours, it spends 20 hours sleeping and 4 hours feeding on insects and fruit. The giant armadillo also has a minimum rest period of 18 hours. This animal has the same sleep duration as the python and the possum.

Animals: those who sleep the least

Not all animals are heavy sleepers. There are some that sleep incredibly little. At first glance, we have the elephant and the horse. These animals only sleep three to four hours a day. However, these animals are not the ones that really sleep less. The giraffe, the world's most slender animal, is the one that sleeps the least. It sleeps an average of two hours a day. It can even be satisfied with half an hour of sleep a day. What is much more peculiar about these animals is that they usually sleep standing up and do not need to lie down.