Dogs: how do they see the world?

Dogs are man's best friend. It is often said that dogs have a different vision than humans. While some people claim that dogs have black and white vision, scientists claim that these animals can distinguish certain colors. Find out more about the issue in this article. The world view of dogs It's time to clear your head of the idea that dogs see the world in black and white. It is quite true that the visual capacity of our dear four-legged friends is much more limited than ours. However, this limitation does not prevent them from distinguishing colors. Or at least some colors. A dog's eye can only distinguish a few colors, namely blue-violet and green-yellow. Thus, dogs have a monochromatic vision which is explained by the anatomy of the eye. The eye is made up of visual receptors that allow them to capture the different colors. This organ is also made up of cones without which the receptors will not be able to fulfill their role. The difference in eye anatomy between a human and a dog... See more

What is the maximum altitude of birds?

Birds are birds that use their wings to move from one place to another. To travel a long distance, they fly at a certain altitude. Some birds have more altitude than others. The question is: what is the maximum altitude that a bird can reach? Here is a little text developed for you to answer your curiosity. The maximum altitude of a bird Birds are fowl that can reach phenomenal altitudes and sometimes even collide with birds. One example is vultures. The Rüppell vulture collided with an aircraft at an impressive altitude of 11,300 meters. But this bird is still capable of reaching a much higher altitude than 11,300 meters. The Rüppell's vulture is a bird of prey that is still the world's champion of all birds in all categories. Apart from this bird of prey, there are other birds that fare rather better. There is the bar-headed goose which flies over the Himalayan mountains reaching an altitude of over 10,000 meters. There are also swans that have been spotted at altitudes of over 8000... See more

Animals: who sleeps more and who sleeps less?

According to studies, a human being spends much more time sleeping. They spend about a third of their lives sleeping. This may sound like a lot, but he is not the holder of the prize for the biggest sleeper in the world, especially the animal world. Find out in this article which animals sleep the most and which sleep the least. Animals, which are the biggest sleepers on the planet? All animals on the planet need rest at some point. Some need to sleep more while others devote only a little time to sleep. Among these animals that sleep a lot, we distinguish in the first place the koala. This animal can sleep up to 22 hours a day. The rest of the time it spends eating eucalyptus leaves, a diet that is more than enough for its metabolism. But this diet does not provide enough energy and requires more time for digestion. The bat is the nocturnal animal. It spends the whole day sleeping and only opens its eyes for four short hours at night. So we can say that in 24 hours, it spends 20 hours... See more

What are the main reasons for hating a cat?

In Europe in general and in France in particular, many people own cats and consider them a member of the family. Despite this affection from humans, cats don't give a damn. Thus, there is plenty to hate about a cat. Here is an article for you that outlines the main causes for hating a cat. The cat doesn't like its owner Some people think their cats have affection for them, which is not the case. In reality, cats see their master as a true provider of resources rather than a provider of security. They already see themselves as strong enough to ensure their own safety. Unlike dogs, who show a certain amount of joy when they find their owners, cats show much more interest in strangers than in their owners. Sometimes they start to meow incessantly and this is very touching. This causes some people to leave their homes, and it gives these animals joy because they feel free and in control at home. The cat is a real killer To end a rat's life, the cat is a professional. They are known as a po... See more

What strategies do wild animals use to survive in winter?

Winter is a cold season of the year that does not benefit animals. As it approaches or during this season, domestic animals rely on their owners to protect them from the cold while wild animals have to fend for themselves. So, to protect themselves from the cold, wild animals use a variety of strategies. Find out more about their strategies in this article. The classic animal migration Of all the strategies that wild animals put in place to survive the cold, migration is the most common. This strategy involves leaving the winter region for another region in which the temperature is much milder. The animals that are part of this migration are birds. They implement this strategy for two reasons. The first is to escape the cold, but the main reason is to feed. Very often during the winter, their food is scarce, so they move to feed themselves. It can then be said that they are encouraged more by the lack of food than by the installation of coolness itself. Torporation, an ideal solution D... See more